Chocolate and hazelnuts - available formats: 200gr e 1kg

"The gentle Piedmont hazelnuts IGP, expertly roasted, is for us the most fragrant and crisp. United whole mixture of chocolate, giving the corner an irresistible fragrance of hazelnut. "

This corner was born to bring the scents of hazelnut in a dry biscuit. The Italian chocolate gianduja is the best known, intellectual Piedmontese fruit, which he set out in search of a solution when, following the war, the cocoa supplies were interrupted.

It 'on hills in their ancient hazelnut, chocolate makers that they found the solution. We wanted those nuts for our product, because in no other way we could recreate the heady scent, which is obtained when the hazelnut cooking donates part of its intense aroma to the corner, joining with chocolate, used in small pieces as well as dough.