Chocolate - available formats: 200gr e 400gr

"Of the kingdom of nooks is the king, from the most envied in his valuable golden robes and looked for the realms of all the greedy. We suggest to keep it jealously locked up longer life to preserve. "

The chocolate corner is the KING of
collection of CANTUCCI because it was the first
taste different from the traditional almond,
the first who collected a consensus.
Its recipe dates back more than a decade ago,
when experienced for the first time
the combination of chocolate dough, which
donated the characteristic brown color.
Luscious biscuit with its bigwigs, it
lends itself to be a perfect dessert to be enjoyed by
alone, or accompanied by a dollop of cream as it is always served the classic and timeless cake Sacher in Vienna. Warmed by a heat source, emits the most of the taste of chocolate, enhanced by notes of Italian orange.