Massimiliano and Riccardo Lunardi revived the family business, which began in the furnace of Luigi and Roberta parents in 1966, creating a new brand, a new image which brings their faces: thus FRATELLI LUNARDI.

Following the passion of yeast and sourdough Maximilian firstborn will devote to sweets and pastry tradition, but his curiosity led him even outside the Tuscan and Italian borders.

While Riccardo will leave you fascinated in particular by the chocolate it has always been used in confectionery, as starting material for many creations. This love will bring the brothers Lunardi to found in 2002 La Molina, homemade chocolate company, which soon will establish itself in Italy and in the world as a high-quality chocolate. An experience that will keep them occupied until 2014, when they decide to focus on a brand that brings their name.

Linked by family ties, and strong passion for food in general, the two brothers work together by combining their respective skills and aptitudes, in a labor of daily challenges, sharing expectations, joys and some pain.

As well as the relations of friendship, honesty and respect to suppliers, partners and customers, are the basis of their work, those who make a bet on which of the high quality his signature, must not and will not ever give up.