Quarrata laboratory we produce daily bread, sweet and savory created to meet the needs of our customers, and we experience new recipes that allow us a continuous growth Our and staff following us for years, in order to emphasize the quality of ingredients used .     

Of the products we have selected only the best brand collections LUNARDI BROTHERS , we market all over the world.

The collection of CANTUCCI follow researched JELLY WINE , the sweet precious LEAVENED , and other creations related to the holidays. Within our workshops we always also proposed other specialty foods and wines produced by companies with whom we share a passion for high quality, curiosity and the search continues. The comparison with others is for us a valuable opportunity for improvement.

willingly We take the opportunity to propose to different audiences our creations, moving pitches for fairs and events in other cities , gathering support and valuable input that will help us greatly in defining the direction to take, following the evolution of taste.