Fratelli Lunardi on TV


Some days ago we´ve done our first SPOT on TV, in order to promote our new bottega close to Pistoia. The spot will be broadcast on TVL, a Tuscan television broadcaster, 4 times a days, everyday throughout the year.

See here on youtube our SPOT:

What do you think ... are we ready for Holliwood?



Antonella de Santis signs the article of the Gambero Rosso of last March 25th, which follows a tasting of more than 20 artisanal Colomba.

To do the test, strictly blindly, together with Marina Savoia and Agnese Fioretti of the Gambero Rosso pastry guide, a sensorial analysis expert (Marco Greggio) and an expert in sensorial analysis specializing in bread and oil (Antonio Menconi) two leavening first order (Giancarlo Casa and Stefano Callegari).
And here is their judgment for us:
"The shape is precisely that of a dove, with wings separated from the body, forming three distinct parts. The crunchy and taut surface icing, coffee-colored with almonds, small arms, hazelnuts almost encompasses the granulated sugar, very thin, on the icing you can see the almonds distributed unevenly, already toasted but not bitter. Prepared with only yeast aged over 80 years, without starter, follows a preparation defined from time to time, especially in the second leavening, never less than 2 days. A very studied product: the mix of yeasts (to measure acidity), spinner (Normandy, Brittany and Piedmont), vanilla (Madagascar, Polynesia, Mexico and Papua New Guinea) are the characteristic elements. Inside the dough is very regular, with a vertical alveolation, a sign of strong leavening. The taste is balanced, also because of the very sweet candied fruit that dull a bitter memory accompanies the end of the tasting. You can choose multiple formats: the 100 gram colombina, the 500 and the big 2 kg. "
Thank you !!!
Hard work ... always pay;)