Mister BLACK


 "Panettone with chocolate is the quintessence of gluttony, it is the difficult encounter between the cloud of leavened dough and the dense and material nature of cocoa: practically an oxymoron.

Goodness to the cube but also difficulty to the nth degree.

The chocolate one is also a test for the best and virtuous pastry chefs: the panettone of the pastry heroes. "

Words of Mara Nocilla on Gambero Rosso, and we fully subscribe. We too have not resisted the challenge, and under Christmas we produce our delicious variant, with golden dough, a blend of 65% fondant, and a rich gianduja glaze!

But we did more ... we wanted a leavened chocolate ALL YEAR !!!

That’s why we have created BLACK, a naturally leavened sweet cake of 120g, with dark "chocolate" dough, pieces of dark chocolate and - above all – drenched in Tuscan Vin Santo, which not only gives its aromas to the sweet already particularly greedy ... it solves the problem of drier dough, and keeps it longer, with a softness guaranteed for 8 months.

We sell it and distribute it all around Italy and even outside the boundaries, for those who are not lucky enough to have a goodness store close at hand, no panic: with a simple click from home it is possible to do some shopping greedy from our online shop:

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