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"The Brothers Lunardi landed in Florence, in Via Maggio with SottArno.

Born as a breakfast room of the B & B Soprarno [@SoprarnoSuites], which inspired in style and in the high quality of service offered, from Tuesday ´on March 14 SottArno will open its doors to an audience of curious gourmand, and beyond.

The desire to Matthew Perduca (mind and the local mentor) and his wife Betty Money is to know each other better talking about food, because ´eating is a way to know so much about us, get in touch with others, share and improve .

SottArno is a local foodie, of breakfasts, lunches and snacks, beautiful and good, fresh and healthy, with all due respect to the selected ingredients and the time and enthusiasm that customers will take to devote. The offer starts from the Tuscan tradition and Italian excellence, having fun with some curious contamination. The ´brothers of the greedy´ lead to Florence careful selection of their specialties: the protagonist the Bread, which began their beautiful history, the delicious mashed and the special bread worked with ancient grains, and then the many baked confectionery products : the breakfast cakes, biscuits, cakes leavened, the shortbread cookies, their famous nooks.

There will also be Christmas cakes to take back the old traditions, restore value to the days of sometimes forgotten calendar, making travel time a bit ´slower ... enough to fully enjoy it.

We want our customers, newspapers or travelers passing through, bring home a story to tell their loved ones, a good story that passionate, flavors that taste like Grandma, Mom, us. The fruit of our labor is yes food, in the end, but it is also emotion, creation, sensitivity and elegance. "

Sottarno, Via Maggio 53r, open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. "