The CANTUCCI are biscuits of Tuscan tradition.
Cooked elongated loaf, are cut diagonally, Buy, thus creating the famous start and end pieces, said just "nooks" in Tuscany.

If you want to create a tender and delicious cookie for daily use , suitable for any occasion of the day, we revisited the recipe by adding butter and playing with other ingredients, creating seven varieties, including four proposed with chocolate.

Each of our nooks born around a main ingredient , assuming that when this is excellent must be respected, in a balanced recipe that stand out the most of the features.

Use high quality products , respecting seasonality and finding the best way to preserve them of course, allows us to not use preservatives, dyes or other chemical additives, that flatten the flavors of nature actually always wonderfully different.

This is the best guarantee of a product made by hand with the heart .