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Two Brothers with a common passion: Italian Bakery

One leads to the other

Look, how tasty!

We moved our first steps in the bakery and food shop, where we had our first insight on this world. However, we continue to learn something new, every day.

Working in the food shop allowed us to learn how to create balanced recipes, to build relationship with our suppliers, to get in contact and interpret our customers’ wishes, as well as to look further and dive into the national and international scene with products characterized by the quality of artisan goods.

The artisan touch.

One of the most traditional recipe of the Tuscan cuisine inspires our biscuits: Cantucci. We add a little bit of genuine butter to obtain a softer and tasty result. We knead, prepare elongated strips of dough and then bake in the oven. When they are ready, we try them, share opinions and knead again. We have been having a great time experimenting in our laboratory in Quarrata.

Now, tastes are five: creative insight and experience gave them light. Each of them feature one main ingredient, for a balanced and tasty recipe. You can enjoy all the facets of taste at every bite for a story that only natural ingredients can tell.

How good our products are

Mind and heart lead the choice.


They are our secret and most important treasures. Moreover, we add expertise, professionality and the dedication of the people who work with us in the belief that awareness and attention throughout the production process, as well as love and dedication to our customers and the work we do are essential ingredients.


During the years, we have been growing continuously, invested in training, and state-of-the-art equipment. However, the human factor and artisan approach make the difference in the whole production process. From the idea to processing, from packaging to shipping of products: we put the utmost care in what we do.


Environmental protection is an asset to us and we want to show it. Therefore, according to Italy law in force, we use recyclable paper bags and 100% recycled paper boxes for our products. Every choice is made with mind and a beating heart.

Food Shops by Fratelli Lunardi.

You can find our selection of biscuits and Cantucci in our food shops in Quarrata and Pistoia. Every day, here we bake a variety of bread, schiacciata-bread, cakes and leavened products. Moreover, we prepare simple, genuine dishes. We select quality cheese and cured meat for our deli counters, and we offer a wide variety of food and wine products for the pantry, too. Professionality and love characterize what we do, for years now.

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