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Italian butter cookies and all the others


We have something for every taste: Italian butter cookies for adults and children, the greediest and those who are more careful, as a present to give or to enjoy. And also, a selection of dessert for the special days: from the Panettone, the traditional Italian Christmas cake to the Colomba cake, there’s something to make every occasion even more tasty. Discover them all, express a desire and bite it!

A stylized illustration representing fratelli Lunardi's chocolate biscuits

Chocolate biscuits, in big chunks

Unique, not to be missed, irresistible. Distinctive feature? One leads to another and another. And another one!

A stylized illustration representing fratelli Lunardi's almonds biscuits

Cantucci Toscani PGI with almonds

Crumbly dough, slightly crunchy, unique taste. Distinctive feature? Delicious, excellent present, perfect with the Tuscany Vin Santo.

A stylized illustration representing fratelli Lunardi's chocolate and orange biscuits

Chocolate & orange biscuits

Crispy outside, soft inside, fragrant at every bite! Distinctive feature? A dive into taste.

A stylized illustration representing fratelli Lunardi's lemon biscuits

Lemon biscuits

Sunny, light, tasty. Distinctive feature? It makes you want to sing!

A stylized illustration representing fratelli Lunardi's fruits and seeds biscuits

Fruits & seeds biscuits

Energizing, natural, delicious. Distinctive feature? The perfect accomplice for the one who loves munching at any time of the day and the night, too!

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Fratelli Lunardi's glazed panettone: a stylized illustration

Glazed Panettone

Filled with soft cubes of orange and raisin and decorated with a glaze of Piemonte PGI hazelnuts, sugar crystals and whole almonds. Santa Claus would hardly make such a good present!

A stylized illustration representing fratelli Lunardi's artisan panettone


Manual skills and imagination, technique and insight, experience and sensitivity. The traditional Panettone Milano by Fratelli Lunardi.

Chocolate Panettone

The most delicious of the family. In the dough there are 250g of luscious knife-cut flakes, covered by 100g of crunchy milk gianduia.

Christmas hampers

Christmas hampers

Choose, compose, wrap! A handcrafted gift of goodness under the Christmas tree.

A stylized illustration representing fratelli Lunardi's artisan colomba


Soft, fluffy, super delicious. Colors, aromas and tastes of spring. To guess bite after bite.

Chocolate Colomba

The most gluttonous of the gluttonous. Covered by 100g of crunchy milk gianduia, the chocolate is also in the dough: 250g of tender knife-cut flakes.

Easter eggs: a stylized illustration

Shortbread eggs

A piece of art, hand decorated with love. Who said that Easter eggs are not dunkable?

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