The Taste 2024 of Florence is approaching - Fratelli Lunardi
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The Taste 2024 in Florence is approaching

Colors are served!

This is the motto of the new Taste 2024 campaign. Because colors are food for the eyes. And we can only absolutely agree.

Since our entire image is based on strong colors.

In particular, RED is our heart’s color!! That of the chocolate biscuit, our business card 😉

…and then there’s the ORANGE of chocolate and orange, the YELLOW of the lemon, the FUCHSIA of the fruit and seeds, OCHRE for the Tuscan cantucci PGI, the almond biscuits.

This year too, you’ll find us at the Cavaniglia Pavilion, booth W/45, just before the exit shop of Taste 2024.

From February 3rd to 5th.

Come and visit us to discover the new features we have for 2024.

We’re looking forward to an… truly exciting season.

We look forward to seeing you!!

Contact our reference agent or our staff ( to get all the information on the catalogue, conditions and prices.

If you want to try them… you can buy our TASTE BOX on the online shop, which contains all 5 flavors.