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This year as well we are forced to remain far from our beloved ones. All we can do is to react, bringing colors into our days starting from the table, the place of family meeting, laughs, debates, intense arguments and declarations of love.

Our Easter cakes are true instruments of persuasion and joy, sometimes even a plea for peace, just like the olive branches: and your beloved cannot but thank you and agree with you on everything… or almost!


Our Colomba is the classic one, naturally leavened with our almost-90-year-old sourdough starter!

Rich in Italian candied orange cubes, our Colomba is soft and fragrant at every bite thanks to the PGI Piedmont hazelnuts glaze with whole almonds and sugar sprinkles.

The Colomba is available in three different formats to satisfy any craving:

the 1kg Colomba, the 500 g Colombella and the 100 g Colombina.


Eggs are the symbol of rebirth. During Easter time you can find every type of egg, from the hen to the chocolate and sugar ones but we make them with short crust pastry!

A crumbly butter flavored biscuit, perfect to dip into orange juice, cappuccino or tea.

We know your kids can’t resist to surprise and even if there is any gift included with our product, we think it is better to make the eating only high-quality product like ours and eventually wrap them a little present. This way they will be happy and you won’t have to worry about what they are eating. The advantage is double: on one side there is high quality, on the other there is a tailored surprise. Everyone will be happy and satisfied!


This is the springtime version of the classic masso, our leavened dessert rich in dried and candied fruit. The absolute protagonist of the cake? The big, red cherries that crack under your teeth.

The cake incredible softness makes it perfect to be accompanied it with ice-cream, yogurt, ricotta and blue cheeses.

The extra tip? Cut a slice, toast it and add a veil of butter: it will leave you speechless!