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Psss! Let me tell you a story – our vision

We decided to take some interviews to explain who we are, what we wish for and how we work.

This is the first one, dedicated to our company vision.

Our logo is represented by two cheerful eyes that happily move around and observe everything.

Look up: these tiny little eyes are wishing upon the sky and the moon. Our chocolate biscuit is a dream come true!

What do we wish for? What’s our goal in the future?

Discover Riccardo and Massimiliano’s answers in this interview.

Remember to set subtitles in English 😉

Look up: our vision

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The greatest desire for Riccardo is to leave a mark on the Italian food scene. And let the biscuit-cantuccio with chocolate, in big chunks, enter the imagination of any sweet tooth.



For Massimiliano, the greatest desire is that quality always wins over everything, without compromise. And give us more time to think, work in a more sustainable way, allow the products to become delicious.

Did you already taste all our delicious biscuits?

Location: we thank our friends Parentesi Quadra who welcome us in their showroom.