THE BEST PANETTONI FOR CHRISTMAS 2022 according to Gambero Rosso - Fratelli Lunardi
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THE BEST PANETTONI FOR CHRISTMAS 2022 according to Gambero Rosso

We are proud to be once again in the Gambero Rosso ranking of the best Panettone for Christmas 2022!

32 Panettoni tasted in the October blind test, divided between those proposed by the chefs, those of the artisan pastry shops, the ovens and the specialized confectionery companies.

Ours is among the 6 selected by the OVENS which, as Fiorella Mazzei writes in the article, “work one-on-one with the mother yeast all year round, creating tall and well-leavened panettone, in the style of a sweet bread”.

panettone classico

They write about us:

“Massimiliano and Riccardo, the Lunardi brothers, are two jokers who are serious.

In the family for over 50 years bread, biscuits, sweet and savory products have been produced, and today they lead a business that grows every day with joy and panache.

Their panettone comes in a sparkling and witty red box, just like them.

From that box comes a serious, tall, mushroom-shaped, austere panettone, with a shiny surface and perfect slope, well developed, elegant and without icing, the result of a skilful leavening technique and thanks to a mother dough of over 80 years old.

The ingredients are top quality, the tasty candied fruit and juicy raisins are well distributed. The slice has a delicate yellow color with uniform holes. When cut, the structure is slightly buttery, slightly stringy, on the palate it is soft and leaves the mouth clean, not greasy.”

Where can you find it?

In our shops in Tuscany, and throughout Italy, but only in the best places! Those who go further, who search, study, are not satisfied,  even risk…they are the neighborhood shops, ask them.

Or directly from our shop-online: